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Our Mission

Transforming innovative concepts into operational defense solutions in accelerated timelines.

The battlefield is evolving, and our methods of deterrence and our speed for developing defense solutions must evolve as well.

Emerging threats are advancing rapidly, matching the speed of machines. To stay ahead, AIRION prioritizes innovative products over traditional processes, developing technology that propels the United States and its allies significantly forward in capability.


Advanced Inflight Relief Underwear System.

AIRUS is an innovative bladder relief system specifically engineered for fighter pilots & aircrew. Worn discreetly under the flight suit, the system consists of tailored underwear with a cup interface specifically designed for comfort with a hand-controlled, custom suction pump system. AIRUS allows pilots & aircrew to remain strapped in and focused on their mission, ensuring comfort and hygiene during extended flights.

Our Method

Airion was conceived to address the multifaceted challenges inherent to both the US Armed Forces and the private sector. Drawing upon our team's extensive expertise in design, advanced manufacturing, and global distribution, we position ourselves at the nexus of innovation and precision.

Austere medical solutions.

AIRION innovates and develops products for austere medical situations by prioritizing life-saving equipment designed to function optimally in low-resource environments. Their advanced solutions focus on durability, portability, and efficiency, ensuring reliable healthcare delivery even in the most challenging conditions.

Active Solutions

CLEARS | In development

STAB | In development

P2D2 | In development

WATS | In development



Accelerating Innovation 
for the Warfighter

Proudly Serving

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