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 The Advanced Inflight Relief Underwear System ("AIRUS™") is a pumpless, self-sterilizing, fire retardant custom-made underwear system that integrates superhydrophilic biocompatible channeling to rapidly wick away biofluids from female Aviators' bodies without the need for suction.

The AIRUS™ solution will protect our Nation’s female Aviators from wetness, in-flight discomfort and post-flight microbial rashes and infections while promoting unparalleled made-to-measure comfort.

Cavitated bubbles collapse creating powerful shockwaves that propel copper particles at high speeds into the individual fibers permanently attaching them.  

Airion Airus Cavitation 1 CottonX.png
Airion Airus Cavitation 2 CottonX.png
Airion Airus Cavitation 3 CottonX.png
Airion Airus Cavitation 4 CottonX.png

The CottonX™ antimicrobial cavitation powered copper technology is patented, EPA certified and can be integrated into any organic textile or blended fabric for permanent self-sterilizing protection.

Copper is an essential element of life. It is a powerful anti-bacterial and deodorizing agent and has a role in the conditioning and maintainance of healthy skin.

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Why Copper?

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